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  • boxing day hand model

    boxing day hand model

    Decided I would have a go at boxing and to be honest found it  addictive, I absolutely loved the training especially the  sparring and I even had a fight in a charity boxing match against John 'Cracker McCormack. I trained at Sheffield Boxing Centre run by Glyn 'showboat' Rhodes who recently was awarded the MBE but doesn't like to mention it. (I think he finds it a bit embarrassing really.)

    John  has now gone on to have many fights raising thousands for charity along the way and looks to be enjoying himself no end.

    Work got busy for me so hitting things is not the brightest thing to do so I hung up the gloves. A great experience and I now watch a boxing match and appreciate the skill and dedication of the fighters, at its best it's a game of chess or as Ernest Hemingway wrote 'Boxing is the most honest conversation two men can have' I would add women to the quote after watching Nicola Adams win gold in the Olympics.