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  • Why don't they get someone of the street?

    Whenever someone finds out what I do or if I mistakenly tell them when I'm drunk, often they will say " cant they just get someone off the street?" Well I guess they could however in this blog entry I hope to highlight some of the problems associated with that approach.

    A typical street somewhere in the Uk, hardly a hunting ground for hand models.

    Well firstly, Im off the street so 'they' have in away got someone off the aforementioned street, but by getting me at least they have a fighting chance that when I'm asked to go on set and point at whatever it is that needs pointing at I will have a good go at doing it in a syle that pleases the people sat in the corner holding the cheque book.

    Another problem with getting someone off the street is that they might have other plans that day and when a group of strangers approches them in 'the street' saying will you come in this dark room and point at this cheese for instance they might not want to do it and then no pointing will occur that day and that would be quite a costy mistake.

    Another problem with getting your hand model from the foot fall past the studio is the suitability of the pedestrian, see the picture below for the potential pitfalls that can occur with passing pedestrian hand models.