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  • Champagne cork popping old school styleee.

    Champagne cork popping old school styleee.

    Another shot from the days when 10' 8' cameras were used before digital had taken over and made film almost obsolete. I can't say as I miss this type of shoot as once you were in set  then you couldn't move as polaroid after polaroid was taken and then the sheet film was used then another Polaroid to check things.

    This was fully produced in camera the bottle had the bottom removed and a high pressure pump shot the water out at the cork that was fastened to the background by a wire.

    The cork had a laser pointing at it and when the water moved the cork it fired the shutter capturing the shot.

    If photgraphed today this would probably be done in seperate elements and put together in photoshop, the digital age has moved a lot of the workflow from pre to post production.