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  • which one is Mr Pitt

    Now I realise its already on the blog but Im going to flog this one to death and who wouldn't?

    So what happened was this, I get a call to go down to Pinewood Studios and we all end up waiting for about four hours and eventualy get called onto the set not knowing what it was for. Turns out its for this. So I'm stood talking to the late great Tony Scott while A-List actors including Robert Redford are sat waiting for the next take, anyway I get the part and spend the next week filling in for Brad Pitt cos he's swaned off doing something else. Obviously no-one could tell I wasnt Pitty ( as us who are close call him). I had a great week setting off bombs firing guns licking envelopes that sort of high octaine stuff us Pitt-boys get up to when were being tough and doing office related tasks.

    By the end of the week everyone wanted to be my best friend and said i should continue  to point at things for a living cos the way I did that envelope thing was brill!  Braders  probably fell on hard times or sumat after this cos I havent heard hide nor hair of him since?

    In the photos below is a bloke who was in a film and in the other a man who this week pointed at some chocolates and a chicken, go figure.